What We Do
At Compass Group, we are a family of great companies delivering the best in food, hospitality, and support services.
At Compass, we care deeply about the quality of the food we provide, as well as the steps we take to produce it. We prioritize social and environmental responsibility to ensure we’re serving the best products possible. Each member of the Compass family adds a unique perspective and attention to detail that helps us create an unforgettable experience.
Who We Service
We may be best known for large-scale corporate catering, stadium concessions, and food service for the education and healthcare communities, but our expertise extends beyond those arenas to office dining and vending, building services and facility management, and food service procurement, always ensuring ease of operation and upholding our high quality standards, no matter the service or sector.
Reimagining the Future Workplace Experience
We’re committed to helping you adapt to a hybrid workplace experience safely, confidently and sustainably. 360 Work Made Easy connects the best of hospitality with the latest technology and building analytics so you can return to a better workplace than before. Whether it’s mobile concierge services, air quality measuring and floor population monitoring, or triggering cleaning services with the touch of a button, 360’s integrated solutions can all be managed from one easy-to-use dashboard.
Nutrition and Well-Being
Compass Group is firmly committed to creating positive change in the food system through meaningful food experiences that promote well-being for people and planet.
2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
We are creating positive change in the food system through meaningful food experiences that promote well-being for people and planet. Look back at what we were able to accomplish together in 2020!
The Sustainability Roadmap
A Commitment to Fair Food
Compass Group and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) signed a landmark agreement on September 25, 2009, that would forever change the food industry and the hearts and minds of Compass associates.
Our Story
We’re making it easy to do the right thing by promoting well-being of people and planet while driving commercial results.
Every Day is Stop Food Waste Day
Compass Group USA is driving change from the inside out. Our organization joined the landmark US Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champions and committed to reducing our food waste by 50% by 2030. We’re reducing waste at the source, raising awareness and promoting solutions that positively impact the communities where we operate.
Customer Experiences with Support Services
The Support Services division of Compass Group provides expert non-food services to healthcare (Crothall Healthcare and TouchPoint Support Services), business and industry (Eurest Services), and educational (SSC Service Solutions) organizations. Support services are a natural complement to foodservices, resulting in superior customer care and efficient professional operations.
Focused on a customized experience
Serving the community with integrity
Outcomes driven by a deep passion
Industry-leading best practices
Supply Chain
Compass Group demands a high caliber of expertise in food and service, as well as strength in data management, marketing, customer relations, and supply chain logistics. Our purchasing group, Foodbuy, LLC, is able to meet the demands of our company while supporting our commitment to diversity.
Animal Welfare Policy
Compass Group USA has taken a leadership role within the foodservice industry regarding farm animal welfare.

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